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You Started The Business: Now What? Solve Your Legacy Math in 3 Days!

The ultimate THREE-DAY FREE GROUP COACHING to keep more money in your family multi-generationally!

Hey, Licensed Service Pro!

You're not alone ...

We've invested our time and effort in securing our professional licenses as a CPA, Nurse Practitioner, Esthetician, Attorney, Realtor, or another license - a testament to our dedication and expertise!


We even have that good-paying job for financial security while also trying to build our passion project on the side!​

Pro to Pro ...

Even if you've already tested the terrains of full-time entrepreneurship to conquer time flexibility, you don't have to do it alone!


Resources and invaluable information are available to you to make informed decisions in your business, so you never have to "double back" to fix avoidable mistakes!

I aim to offer a shame-free environment that allows us to spur inter-generational conversations necessary to scale businesses to activate wealth, slash taxes, and preserve legacy™.

The Legacy CPA™

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Pro, Do You Get Frustrated When ...

You're working for free in the business because there's no money to pay yourself.

You get all the bills paid, but there's nothing left over for you to harvest additional fruit.

You're unaware if you have a profit at the end of the month, 6-months, or a full year.

You've done everything "right", but you still have an IRS bill during tax season.

Burn out has crept in even though you became an entrepreneur for freedom.

Young Woman Making Notes

Everyone talks about generating wealth, while legacy is the last topic invited to the discussion! Legacy Math aims to change that!

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Imagine Feeling Time Freedom When ...

You have the resources accessible to understand key differences in financial reports.

You can articulate personal & business goals to plan the direction, with confidence.

You can consistently plan, budget, and meet payroll consistently, paid like a true CEO.

Tax season is a breeze, and you no longer owe taxes or need automatic extensions.

You can officially take a vacation, work-free, to recharge your creative batteries.

Come Prepared to Explore Wealth & Taxes to Harvest Legacy, With Less Frustration

Your Legacy does not end with you! We'll explore 3 variables that aid in Legacy Math™! The signature framework we explore simultaneously in this 3-day Business Bootcamp is






Let's Conquer Your Legacy Math Together!

September 17 - 19, 2024 | 8:00PM - 9:00PM EST

  • Day 1: A 6-Figure Profit Year
    Day 1: A 6-Figure Profit Year
    Day 1: A 6-Figure Profit Year
    Tue, Sep 17
    Online Public Zoom
    Sep 17, 2024, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
    Online Public Zoom
    Sep 17, 2024, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
    Online Public Zoom
    An unforgettable class to learn the ins and outs of seeding wealth to harvest legacy from The Legacy CPA who has over a decade fo billion-dollar business experience!
  • Day 2: Payroll Office Hours
    Day 2: Payroll Office Hours
    Day 2: Payroll Office Hours
    Wed, Sep 18
    Online Public Zoom
    Sep 18, 2024, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
    Online Public Zoom
    Sep 18, 2024, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
    Online Public Zoom
    Have a business? You need legit payroll! Join us as we simplify payroll processes for LLCs taxed as S-Corps!
  • Day 3: Wealth Office Hours
    Day 3: Wealth Office Hours
    Day 3: Wealth Office Hours
    Thu, Sep 19
    Online Public Zoom
    Sep 19, 2024, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
    Online Public Zoom
    Sep 19, 2024, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
    Online Public Zoom
    An online event you don't want to miss to master wealth principles with Dr. Nicole Garner Scott

Day 1 Key Learning Objectives

Your 6-Figure Profit Year

  • Money mindset principles: Understand how wealth, taxes, and legacy work together for multi-generational outcomes.

  • 6-Figure Profit Outline for CEOs: Learn critical techniques a CEO needs to eliminate waste in the process to earn a 6-figure profit.

  • Identify key tax strategies: Understand business tax implications and how to keep more money in your family.

  • Balancing profit and taxes: 3 rules of thumb to determine if tax planning is worth it or a waste of time.

Day 1  Legacy Math Bootcamp  The Money Council- Renesha Davis, CPA-2.png
Day 2 _ Legacy Math Bootcamp _ The Money Council- Sara Pascocello (2).png

Day 2 Key Learning Objectives

Payroll Office Hours with ADP

  • Understand the importance of payroll: Learn how to extract wealth from your company using ADP to reduce taxes. 

  • ADP Operation Basics: Learn the payroll readiness checklist to determine if you're ready for payroll.

  • Payroll processing operations: Learn about the easy-to-use Run ADP system for business owners who want to make a DIY payroll.

  • Master payroll reporting features in ADP: Learn how IRS risks are minimized with ADP payroll tax reporting.

Day 3 Learning Objectives

Wealth Management Office Hours

  • Basics to building wealth: Traditional and non-traditional ways to build wealth as an entrepreneur and business owner.

  • Traditional wealth principles: Saving for retirement through 401K strategies as an LLC taxed as an S-Corp.

  • Non-traditional wealth concepts: How your business can be used to fund your retirement through valuation techniques.

  • Combining approaches: Learn how a hybrid approach can help you achieve retirement faster.

Day 3 _ Legacy Math Bootcamp _ The Money Council- Dr. Nicole Garner Scott (2).png

Real Student Feedback

Taxes, The Perfect Filing


- R. Stutts

Your expertise and the valuable content you shared are immensely appreciated.

Your ability to present complex information in an accessible and engaging manner significantly impacted everyone present. The insights and practical advice you provided will undoubtedly help all of us in some form or fashion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I just started my business: When should I hire The Money Council®?
    Our school of thought is always to engage a CPA initially and throughout your business journey. Consult with a CPA before you DIY your business paperwork. Explore our offers by starting a business evaluation. Click the button below to get started today.
  • Your office shows you’re located physically in GA: do you support professionals in other states?
    The beauty about being a virtual, full-service bookkeeping and tax services firm is that we get to deliver results across all 50 states! We find that there are many advantages in operating a remote model. The main advantage is you can find talented accounting professionals that may not be located in your local city or state.
  • I’m working with another professional; is it easy to switch to The Money Council®
    Let's be straightforward. We believe it's beneficial for businesses to continue their professional relationship with their current accounting team and strive to resolve any misunderstandings. Once you've made an effort to address any issues with your current accounting team, we'll be open to considering a partnership with you. To move forward with any engagements, please ensure that you request a disengagement letter from your Accountant or CPA and share the notice with us. We will only proceed with a disengagement notice from your previous accounting team. Also, if our fees are substantially higher than your previous Certified Public Accountant, we will match, assuming the following items are in order: Your previous accountant has a CPA or EA designation You can provide us with the most recent financial statement before starting an engagement with us The Balance Sheet matches supporting documentation (e.g., tax, bank, loan, and credit card statements) Receipts for material transactions can be substantiated Your accounting was maintained in QBO
  • Do you do individual tax returns if I do not own a business?
    The simple answer is No! We do individual returns for business owners onboarded through any of our signature programs.
  • What happens after I apply to work with The Money Council®?
    Once you book your Legacy Math™ Evaluation, you will receive a confirmation email. Please follow the steps set forth in the emails you receive over the next two days. These steps must be completed before our discussion. Overall, the following steps will flow easily in 3 simple steps. Your role is crucial in this process. We recommend starting with a business evaluation to get to know each other better, as your input is invaluable. We’ll swipe right and send you an email outlining the bells and whistles of each program so you can choose the best service for you. Once you finalize your choice, you can set up your account. Once you've signed up for your account in TaxDome, you'll receive detailed next steps inside your portal with an easy-to-follow Welcome Guide.

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